photo of annie

Anne Terpstra is a San Francisco-based printmaker and photographer. A native of the city, she lives and works in the artistically vibrant Mission district. Anne has studied Fine Art at San Francisco State University for the past six years and was gallery manager of the Martin Wong Gallery, a student gallery within the Fine Arts department at San Francisco State University, in 2007 and 2008. Anne has experience in exhibition design management, curating, installing and photographing shows. Anne is currently an assistant at Gallery 60SIX, San Francisco, CA. Anne has worked with other artists as a master printer, printing several editions of a series of etchings by Tadayoshi Nakabayashi, master Japanese printmaker and living treasure of Japan (edition entitled Nothing Can Escape Decomposition). Anne has created multiple series of monoprints at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco. She currently exhibits her photography and printmaking in San Francisco galleries and has won awards in printmaking, including the Silvia Walters printmaking prize at the 17th and 18th Annual Stillwell Shows, A Juried Graduate and Undergraduate Exhibition at San Francisco State University Fine Arts Gallery. Anne has published monotypes as cover art for CD packages by Adventure Music, New York, NY, and is available for commission.